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Blue Q Lavatory Mists / Room Sprays

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Blue Q's Room Sprays/Lavatory Mists are for perfect for the treatment and cure of soiled air! Each bottle comes with an old timey, vintage style label and holds 5.3 fl oz.

Choose from the following fun scents:

- Fifty Shades of Brown: Because some things you do in private should private. We can help. With the delicate scents of moss, mandarin and amber.

- Jack the Ripper: Instantly eliminates that which reeks. Two quick sprays and virtually any unpleasantness is erased. Dewy Sage & Green Apple scent.

- Abe Lincoln's Log: Two quick mists and virtually any unpleasantness is erased. Natural thyme and eucalyptus scent. For logs of all varieties (including oak, elm and hickory.)

- Fanny Rosebottom: You may find you've never suffered any of the issues mentioned here, but rest assured, not everyone is blessed with rose-scented bowel movements. Natural Lavender Bouquet scent.

- Cheese Cutter: For those who cut the finest cheese. Quickly relieves air of any foulness. Two quick mists cust through anything with the strength of ten men. Delicately scented of lavender and moss.

- Baby's Head Smell: For the treatment and cure of soiled air. Apply two quick mists, and all that's left behind is the pleasing and pure scent of a baby's head.

- Killer McFluffy: You can blame the cat...or you can use this magic elixir. It conquers any awkward or potentially embarrassing odors in and around your loving pets powder room. Citrus blossom and lily scent.

- Smoking Bear: For when you find yourself with friends and friends of friends while partaking in fine smokes of all varieties and sharing phenomenal snack foods. Scented with light jasmine and red tea.

- No Shit Sherlock: Two quick mists erase evidence of any offense - no matter how foul. Light lemon and cedar scent.

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