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Choward's Violet Gum

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New York City’s Broadway is famous for its theaters and show-stopping performances, but back in the 1930s, it was also the birthplace of something a bit…sweeter. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of the fast-paced city, Charles Howard began a quest to concoct a "unique and different flavored candy" in his small industrial loft on that illustrious street. And the result was even wilder than he had hoped --- an enchanting purple mint with the delightfully unexpected taste of violet!

Mr. Howard took to the streets of Manhattan to market his newfangled confection and its popularity quickly took off.  As its reputation grew by word-of-mouth (most likely accompanied by sweet, floral breath) the New York confectioner began to expand his line, venturing into the chewing gum territory and creating a treat perfect for rainy subway rides and humid strolls through Central Park.

Today, the original line of C. Howard’s quality products are still manufactured by a family company, run by the nephews of Mr. Howard’s most trusted employee. These modern confectioners stick to the same recipes that the creative Manhattanite did back in the day, so you can still expect to experience a taste of 1930s New York City in every flowery bite!

Made in the USA.

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