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Click Mort - The World's Best Loved Art Treasures

Price: $18.95
Item Number: 43524

Click Mort takes mundane ceramic figures and transforms them into new visions. His unique recombinations require extensive cutting, sculpting, sanding, and painting to create pop-culture 'chimeras.' The result is kitsch resurrected in a still vaguely familiar but somewhat less cozy form. Click's recapitated figures have found their way into several of the premiere collections of post-pop art via exhibitions in Pasadena, Los Angeles and Waxahachie, Texas Click's exquisite work has attracted a healthy and ever growing group of collectors who recognize the skill and vision used to create this 'pop-sculpture.' Click's exquisite alterations of antique Rockwell, Hummel, and other miniature gift statuettes require a jeweler's precision. On top of this, he has had a lifetime fascination for oddity, which is as much an asset as his meticulous craftsmanship. Like his contemporary Ron English, Click Mort's unique methodology is a prime example of art that transcends its origins, elevating kitsch and improving the source pieces, which are works of art in themselves. The term surrealism is often recklessly misapplied in the current post-pop contemporary art market, but Click's pieces are truly of the essence that originally defined the movement in the early twentieth century.

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