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Frantic Shindig (LP)

Price: $14.00
Item Number: 40691

Frantic Shindig is a FRANTIC mid-60s garage compilation with all too-perfect narration from a vintage anti-drug school filmstrip soundtrack, full of (almost) all previously un-compiled tracks put together by a DJ who gives you a weekly dose of Intoxica! 

Track – Artist
Sez-Who – Sig-Heils 
‘Cause of You – Shags
Gloria – Disciples
Swingin’ Hangout – Mark IV
Their Singing Bodies - Diagnosis Neurosis
Sorrow – Poverty Five
It’s Over – The Mothers of Soul
Pusherman – Beau Allen
Hey Baby, Hey Sugar – Terry Lee
She Was a High High Flyer – The Valiants
Looking Glass of Time – Spontaneous Corruption
Here it Comes Again – Troy Shondell
Lorelei 2 – Sig-Heils 
Louie Louie – Wandering Kind
Love That Louie – Jack E. Lee
Sleep in Public Place – Sons of Adam and Ron Steele
Alligator Wine – The Dynamic Kapers

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