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Gods of Ancient Egypt Coloring Book

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In ancient Egypt, the gods were considered supernatural forces that controlled everyday occurrences. There were hundreds of these figures — from the sun god Amun-Ra, who was worshipped in festivals throughout the land, to such lesser figures as Bastet, the goddess of sexuality and childbirth, who was represented by the image of a cat. This fact-filled coloring book describing the functions of a number of Egyptian deities will thrill young Egyptologists and colorists alike. Fourteen full-page illustrations feature images of:

  • Atum, the creator
  • Osiris, the god of fertility and farming
  • Anubis, the jackal-headed god of funerals and mummification
  • Isis, the goddess of love and motherhood
  • Bes, the god of pleasure and protector of children
  • Horus, the symbol of the living pharaoh, shown as a human male with the head of a falcon
  • Seth, a god symbolizing darkness and evil
  • Hathor, the goddess of love and protector of women

… and six other immortals. Fascinating captions characterizing the appearances and roles of these Egyptian gods and goddesses accompany the illustrations of facing pages.

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