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Mat Gleason – The Century Hit Puberty: Selected Essays 2010-2014

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The New York Times described Mat Gleason as a “famously provocative Los Angeles art critic,” while the L.A. Weekly once referred to him as a “cranky, self-exiled gossipmonger.” In 1992 he founded and continues to publish Coagula Art Journal, the “National Enquirer of the Art World” as the New York Observer called it. He has written for many art publications, from Britain’s Modern Painters to the Lollapalooza Concert Tour’s art program. The early issues of Coagula were anthologized in the book MOST ART SUCKS (Smart Art Press, 1998) and in his 1999 review of the book, David Bowie raved: “Gleason clobbers the closed door snobbishness that has increasingly distanced the public from the rarefied air of the art world.”

Gleason has been featured regularly on the Ovation TV Network as a voice of critical sanity in the realm of contemporary art and appeared alongside artists John Baldessari, Richard Tuttle, and Agnes Martin in the art world documentary Art City: Simplicity as well as the artist documentaries Llyn Foulkes: One Man Band and Robert Williams, Mister Bitchin’. Since 2010, he has been a contentious yet popular art critic at the Huffington Post’s Arts page. In 2012 he opened Coagula Curatorial, an influential gallery in Los Angeles that is active at many international art fairs.

“Mat Gleason is my favorite contrarian on the LA art scene: blunt but humane, the proverbial drill sergeant with a heart of gold. Mat knows a whole lot, and cares deeply about what’s going on around him, so that even when I disagree with him—roughly 30% of the time—I admire that he’s typically seasoned his point with some caustic humor, along with a barb or two at an ample cross-section of the art world’s sacred cows. His writing is the antithesis of the jargon-heavy academic theorizing that passes too often for art criticism, and having first read many of these short essays online, I am thoroughly gratified to reaffirm that not once over the past five years did I inadvertently get on his bad side!” —Dan Cameron

“OMG. I have never met anyone with whom I agreed so wholeheartedly and disagreed so emphatically. One minute he says things that make me feel like I’ve met my soul mate, and the next I want to pop him in the nose. Because inside Mat Gleason is both a mushy idealist and a cynic and…well, it’s good I don’t have to live with him. His characterization of Dennis Hopper suits Mat as well: “…a work of art, perpetually and insatiably seeking to possess multiple meanings and cash them in to indulge in every experience under the sun.” –Carol Diehl

164 pages. 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches.

Mr. Gleason will be in-store on *September 27, 2015 to sign books.All pre-orders will be signed. If you would like a personalized signed copy, please indicate so in the notes section of checkout. Your book will be shipped after the signing date.

*Please note the original date of September 13, 2015 has been changed to September 27, 2015

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