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“Definitely a Cult film.” – Last Sigh

“The Blair With Project doesn’t even hold a candle to the type of mental fear this film presents.” – Starvox

“Intriguing and surreal David Lynch-ish type mood, truly disturbing and thought provoking.” – Outburn

“Not for the faint of heart.” – Panik


PIG/1334 (directed by Nico B) are an exploration of the subconscious thru underground film making. PIG was the last project of Rozz Williams (who died 4.1.1998), formerly known from the rock group Christian Death among others. R.W. spoke of the film as a form of exorcism & transition of his personal demons. 1334 was inspired by true occurrences.

PIG (1998), a film depicting the relationship between a killer (Rozz Williams) and his victim (James Hollan), where all lines are crossed, blending fantasy and reality, in a transformation of the subconscious mind of a killer, graphically showing the manifestation of itself into abstract forms and material, all deriving from his suffering and desperation..

1334 (2011), a ghost story, that reveals the haunting disturbances than began to plague the ones left behind following the completion of PIG and the death of R.W., where reality turns into darkness, with the effect upon no return.

Special Features

  • New Digital HD Transfers
  • New Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Booklet with Production Notes and Original Scripts

Technical Specs

USA  / 1998/2011 / 23/17 Minutes / Music / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo / Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 / B&W


“One of the last artistic projects Mr. Williams worked on before his untimely death was the audaciously aberrant avant-garde arthouse short Pig (1999), which he co-wrote/co-directed with Dutch auteur filmmaker Nico B. (Hollywood BabylonBettie Page: Dark Angel). Originally intending to make a totally plot-less 10-minute short shot on Super 8 with a procrastinating friend named Iggy, Rozz eventually turned to experienced filmmaker Nico B. for direction with his idea for a sadomasochistic serial killer piece featuring frantically fetishistic themes and imagery, where, in turn, the Dutch auteur proposed they shoot the cinematic work on 16mm, add a discernible storyline (if not a sharply and sadistically surreal one), and make it a featurette at 25 minutes.” Soiled Sinem
“That moment when our nature becomes predatory is a theme examined in countless true crime TV specials, slasher films and pulp novels.” Dangerous Minds PIG

“1334 is, by its very nature, a wholly unique creature. Like a black pearl born out of the twins of experimental cinema and the exorcising of personal demons.” Dangerous Minds 1334

“Underground cinema has always thrived on producing shocking, unshakable imagery which could never appear in front of a Hollywood camera.” Mondo Digital

“Strange things occured after the suicide of artist Rozz Williams and the creation of the short film “PIG”. Depicted here is what the death of him meant to the people left behind.” Film Bizarro

As a point of comparison, when thinking of Pig, it falls somewhere in between what Jorge Buttgereit did with Schramm and the Nine Inch Nails video for Broken. It’s very much its own beast though, and in its own way defies any sensibilities the aforementioned films may have had and throws them out the window.” Rock Shock Pop

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