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Smoking Luey Green Vinyl Figure by Bob Dob

Price: $25.00
Item Number: 23560
Luey is one of many minions in Satan’s army. Lueys do the devil's dirty work and like to raise hell on their own time. Whatever you do, don't give a Luey milk - they get drunk and belligerent on the stuff. Luey is a recurring character from LA-based artists Bob Dob. Born and raised in Hermosa Beach, CA, Bob Dob cultivated a taste for adolescent unrest early on, first expressing his talent as guitarist for the punk band Lunacy. Transmutation from music to art was a natural progression for him and he currently shows his works in galleries throughout the U.S. Smoking Luey Green is 5 inches tall. Produced by StrangeCo. Open edition, 2008. Retired and hard to find!

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