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Sonny Angel (Halloween Series)

Price: $10.00
Item Number: 46385
Sonny Angel Halloween 2015 Series - Limited Edition - Sonny Angel is dressed up in halloween costumes, ready to come by your house to "Trick or Treat!" Costumes: Werewolf, Pumpkin Cat, Vampire and Skeleton. This special edition series has a total of 4 different figures + 2 Secret figures + 1 Robby Angel - Collect them ALL! * Chance of getting the Robby Angel figure is only 1/144. BLIND BOX - ONE ASSORTED - NO CHOICE AVAILABLE! Sonny Angel is a cute boy with headgear. He doesn't talk to you, but Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful. As your tiny friend, Sonny Angel is always by your side, to protect you, give you comfort, and make you smile... that is Sonny Angel's mission.

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