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Triginta Uno Dies by Daniel Martin Diaz

Price: $100.00
Item Number: 24684
This beautifully haunting 80-page hardcover book features thirty-one disturbing yet sublime graphite drawings, created in 31 days by self-taught artist Daniel Martin Diaz. A grueling and exhilarating journey into the subconscious, this intimate reflection depicts the struggles between faith, death, and the afterlife. Diaz has developed a technique of minimalism which includes painting on distressed wood and using handmade wooden frames. His use of Latin allows him to explore an ancient language that is expressive as it is beautiful. According to the artist: "One of my earliest memories as a child was the way death and religion played an important role in my family's life. My parents were born in Mexico with traditional beliefs, and their beliefs made their way into my subconscious... I do not claim to understand these questions. I just paint and let them reveal themselves to me." (hardcover, 80 pages / color)

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